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Monday, April 30, 2012

Name Change

After considerable effort on my part, I have moved my blog to a new site.
You can find the next new and exciting post here:

Originally, I named this blog "Greene Parenting" as a nod to our Greene Status (as in, we don't know what the heck we are doing) but enough people have logged on here thinking that "Greene" means "environmentally responsible" rather than "ignorant" that I feel I am being misleading. As most of you know, we're conservative and as most liberals know, conservatives just hate the environment. So, clearly the title was all wrong for us.

Plus, now that things are settling down with the boys, I am writing about other things in addition to parenting and I wanted a name that more accurately communicates what this blog is about.

The new title is from a poem by W.H. Auden (Finding Atlantis). As soon as I heard the phrase, I thought it perfectly described our current schlepp through life. However, don't get any ideas that I'm some sort of an intellectual and have an inclination to discuss poetry while snacking on Brie cheese, peeled grapes and wafer crisps. The truth is that one day, I had gotten so behind on laundry that I piled it all on my bed and started folding it in front of the TV. Had I not stumbled onto the biography channel at just the right moment, I wouldn't even know the poem existed.

I won't be adding any more new posts to this site, so if you still want to get notices about updates, you need to become a follower on the new blog. 

It's the same format, and I imported all the old posts.  Hopefully, you'll feel right at home.

Thanks for reading!

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